Painting and Drawing Gallery -  "Imaginism" - Page 1
(works from pure imagination)

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The First Time Machine  2018
30" x 30" Oil om Canvas

Where Dreams Come From 2017  24"x24"  Oil on canvas

Transplanting  2017
30" x 30"  oil and pen on canvas
House Light  2017
20"x20"  Oil on canvas
Sailing on Clouds 2017
20"x 20"  Oil on canvas

All the Time in the World  2017
30"x 30"  Oil on canvas

Small Comforts  2016  24"x 24"
Oil on canvas
My Only Friends 2016  30"x 24"
Oil on canvas
Bluebirds  2016  10"x 10"
Oil on canvas

Passing Time  2016  10"x10"
Oil on canvas
The Last Performance 2016  20"x20"
Oil on canvas

Returning soon

Unexpected   2016 24"x 24"
Oil on canvas
Marooned   2016 10"x 10"
Oil on canvas
High Rescue   2016  30" x 30"
Oil on canvas
Undercover 2016 20"x 20"
(temporarily not available)
Time Forest  2016 30" x 24"
Oil on canvas
The Breaking Out  2015  30"x30"
Oil on canvas
Just A Minute Please 2015 24"x 24"
Oil on canvas
Moving Day  2015 30"x30"
Oil on canvas with collage and
colored pen
Homecoming  2016  24"x24"
Oil on canvas
Finding More Time  2016  24"x24"
Oil with pen on canvas

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