Ship of Fools    2011
 linocut   22" x 16"   

New The Nonsense Prints, a suite of 8 intaglio images click here

This is My World, charcoal on paper, 17"x 11"

John D. Gall - Artist
A North Carolina artist working in various mediums:
Printmaking / Painting / Mixed media

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In the light of God, human vision clears - James Phillips

The North Carolina Museum of Art  included 2 of my drawings in their
show entitled:   Line,Touch,Trace.  
The show will run from  August 31, 2014 throuth March 8, 2015


A selection of  my relief prints are on
view in the In Focus gallery
at the Green Hill Center in Greensboro, NC.

View New Paintings
(The world of imaginism)

About  4 of these painting are currently at
 Adam Cave Fine Art in Raleigh, NC

"Unexpected"  Oil on canvas  2016  24"x24"

Recent paintings by John D. Gall bring forth an extension of his work done over the past 25 years but with a much more surreal influence within his subject matter.  Those familiar with his work may be surprised to see paintings rather than original prints (etching and relief) but John’s unique imagery or “artistic signature” is ever present in any medium he uses.  As John explains; “I was a painter for many years before attending Guilford College where, unexpectedly, I became seduced with making original prints.  I’m sure I will continue to create prints, but as I re-visit painting I have also found a renewed purpose and focus for painting.”

There is a playful, whimsical, yet serious nature in the images John creates, whereby man’s everyday stuggles seems to deal with the “choices” made during life.  You often see a recurring theme such as stealing or stopping time, loneliness, being impoverished, or trying to make sense of a dream.  There is even a suggestion of wishful thinking.  All the new paintings exhibit a heightened sense of color, being vibrant and rich.   Comments by Adam Cave, Adam Cave Fine Art, Raleigh, NC

 Represented by the following local area galleries (see resume/bio for other galleries).

207 6th Street, Winston-Salen, NC 27101

115 1/2 East Hargett Street 2nd Floor, Raleigh, NC 27601

200 N. Davie Street, Greensboro, NC 27401
"If you can't do it in black and white, all the color in the world is not going to help."

Robert Malone, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville .