The Happy Wanderer on the Dead Tree Path  2011
 Intaglio and chine colle   20" x 16"   

New The Nonsense Prints, a suite of 8 intaglio images click here
In the light of God, human vision clears - James Phillips

This is My World, charcoal on paper, 17"x 11"

John D. Gall

A North Carolina artist working in various mediums
including printmaking, mixed media, and painting.

The North Carolina Museum of Art is including 2 of my drawings in their
show entitled:   Line,Touch,Trace.  
The show will run from  August 31, 2014 throuth March 8, 2015


Many years ago I began my art career as a painter and eventually studied at Guilford College.  While at Guilford I was drawn to original printmaking (etching and relief methods) and actually have been making prints for over 20 years, doing very little painting at this time.  In the early part of 2013 I felt drawn to return to painting and have done so with a new maturity and clarity that I know was not there originally. I Believe the years spent  focusing on prints helped me develope a greater awareness of technique and subject matter. I'm sure I will continue to make prints but am enjoying the new freshness I feel for painting.  It is amazing how an artist’s “signature” will fellow from one medium to another when at peace with his art.  I am honored and pleased to make these paintings available to view at this time.  

About  10 of these painting are currently at
 Adam Cave Fine Art in Raleigh, NC

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 Represented by the following local area galleries (see resume/bio for other galleries).

207 6th Street, Winston-Salen, NC 27101

115 1/2 East Hargett Street 2nd Floor, Raleigh, NC 27601

200 N. Davie Street, Greensboro, NC 27401
"If you can't do it in black and white, all the color in the world is not going to help."

Robert Malone, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville .